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This section of the documentation is intended for administrators and provides information on various tools to efficiently manage your daily tasks and operations. In the following articles, you will find ways to optimize your workflow, speed up task processing, and configure general system settings such as master data, approval rules, request model catalogs, and others.

Request Model Catalog

Get acquainted with two possible ways to create model catalogs to categorize requests.

Master Data

Learn how to manage data of the important business components: employees, organization structure, customers, products, and others.


Find out about the tool that enables faster communication between the agents or different departments. Learn how to manage the approvals and customize them to suit your needs.

Service Portal

Discover how to configure portal pages, and create portal announcements and signatures.

Knowledge Base

Learn how to create articles and categorize the content of the Knowledge Base.


Familiarize yourself with the one of the main tables of the system that allows you to handle different types of tasks.

State Flow Designer

Learn how to create state models and configure transitions between the states.

Auto Assignment

Discover how to set up autoassignement to different task types.

Work and Time Management

Learn how to manage the records of the  "Work and Time Management" module.

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