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SimpleOne is a platform for service business process automation in line with the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) concept and the single record system principle. The following products based on the SimpleOne platform are currently available:

Service Management (ITSM)

The SimpleOne Service Management solution, also known as ITSM, provides means of routine process automation aimed at delivering services in the most efficient way. The ITSM solution enables you to operate entities like user queries, incidents, change requests, service requests, knowledge items, and other. The workflows implemented by SimpleOne help the involved personnel to line up and improve services, business processes, knowledge bases, and manage them efficiently.

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The SimpleOne platform provides a foundation for building all the SimpleOne applications. It handles the ways in which the application data is stored, organized, accessed, processed, and can be presented to end users. It also allows for system configuration and fine-tuning, as well as automation and extension of the functionality available to the application users. In other words, the platform is where the uniform environment is built to be shared by all the user-facing SimpleOne applications. The Simple application is shipped with an out-of-the-box system that enables interaction between the platform and the technical specialists who maintain SimpleOne.

For users who work with our solutions to facilitate and enhance their day-to-day work processes, we provide the general information about SimpleOne. The first section of the documentation library helps users understand the work environment and procedures available in SimpleOne, and apply its power to the tasks the users routinely work on.

User Help

The articles in the Administrator Help are intended for administrators and provide guidance on how to configure SimpleOne in line with the organization structure, business processes, information flows, and work procedures. Also, it explains how to avoid and troubleshoot problems users may encounter when using SimpleOne.

Administrator Help and Business Tools for Administrator

The articles in the Developer Help are intended for developers and provide technical insight into such notions as table structure, system properties, integration capabilities, API and scripting, and more. The articles in this section are aimed at providing assistance in fine-tuning and automation of SimpleOne.

Developer Help

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