The development of applications and business logic in SimpleOne involves extensive use of scripting. The script editor is a tool that helps to facilitate this task by offering such features as syntax highlight, autocomplete and multiple cursors. The fields of type Script in various forms of the system use CodeMirror, a JavaScript component that provides the possibility of editing code in the browser. Refer to CodeMirror documentation to learn more.

The Script editor is used on the following forms:

  • Client Scripts
  • Server Scripts
  • Script Includes
  • Business Rules
  • UI Actions
  • Notification Rules
  • Notifications Scripts
  • Inbound Actions
  • Event scripts
  • WF Activity
  • ACL
  • REST scripts
  • Transform Scripts
  • IA Scripts (MID)
  • Reference Qualifier

The Script editor can be opened to the full screen. To do this, click the icon.

The Script editor offers the following tools and features:

  • JavaScript syntax highlight
  • autocomplete for common JS commands and declared variables
  • find and replace panel (hidden by default. Press Ctrl + F when editing to open it)

    The Replace functionality is only available in the fields the current user can edit. 

  • multiple cursors
  • selection highlight
  • line fold

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