The Monitoring and Event Management module enables you to integrate your SimpleOne instance with any preferred active monitoring system (AMS) for supervising the stability and performance of your system. The module automatically reacts to messages received from the monitoring system, while filtering out messages that require no reaction. The event management part of the module records and manages the monitored changes that can be defined as events.

The concept of the module is that as a result of event processing, the system takes certain actions leading to the resolution of problems. The module has tools for flexible configuration and tuning of various rules for responding to events. It reduces the number of spam incidents, and increases the quality of provided services.   

Event Types and Processing

Get acquainted with the three types of events (Information, Warning, and Exception). Check the examples to learn how the system handles different types of events.

Monitoring Source

Set up a monitoring system to integrate it with the SimpleOne platform. 

Monitoring Rules

Create a monitoring rule to process and structure messages from the monitoring system, as well as to further generate and update monitoring events. 

Event Rules and Actions

Configure an event rule to process monitoring events and set one or more actions to be performed by the system when this rule is satisfied. 

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